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A Quick Bio

This was me.

Thrown out of school with just months left to graduate. I had all the answers, a bad attitude, and while friends stood by me (for a while)… I knew I was greatly off-center. 

As I grew in the corporate world, I noticed I could make a path to success by working my tail off. I had no patience for those that didn’t follow suit. I had drive – but I didn’t have leadership. When I would climb the rungs of the corporate ladder, few would follow. I had a core of fellow driven people to tell me I was right… and after all, don’t we all want to be right? This core kept me flogging away longer than I should have. 

Between diving deeper into my faith, and recognizing that people didn’t really want to follow me although everyone wanted me to “manage things”, I knew I needed better foundations. I dove into Leadership study, performed case studies, and wrote the book. 
My team is here to help you get there quicker. 

Life’s curveballs had me guessing for a long time. It wasn’t until I was a lot further along in life than I had hoped that I realized all these trials, failures, and speed bumps were the catalyst to my finding success in helping others.

Now that is my call. When I work with a Powersport Dealer, I typically add 40-60% more revenue to their business and increase their internal culture simultaneously. When I speak on Podcasts, or do live events… the core value is adding value. The stuff that follows is the bonus and icing on the cake.


Show NameShow Host
Show SubjectWhat I likedLink to the Show

Giver Marketing Summit 2023Giver Marketing / Timothy MorganJan 13, 2023eLearning for PromotionI love working with Tim on the Giver Marketing stuff. This group has the ability and follow through to let each expert shine.
Marketing Masterclass: Promotions that Stand Out and Get Results!Timothy MorganDec 20, 2022Promotional MarketingGiver Marketing has a familiarity that allows me to be myself while presenting.
Marketing Masterclass: Visibility and PromotionTimothy MorganJan 24, 2023VisibilityJust popping in at the end with some input.
Giver Marketing Summit 2022Giver Marketing / Timothy MorganJan 18, 2022LeadershipThis was the first public mention of the book… Action Leadership From the Edge
#418 WP Tonic Show With Special Guest Kurt von AhnenJonathan DenwoodAug 8, 2019eLearning in CorporateMy first exposure on the WP-Tonic show that led to many.
#745 WP-Tonic This Week in WordPress & SaaS:Jonathan DenwoodJan 20, 2023How To Generate 100 Plus Sales Meetings in 2023It was just cool to meet David. He’s a super interesting guy.
The Membership MachineJonathan DenwoodOct 7, 20229 Best WordPress Membership Plugins Compared – 2022It was the pilot to launch a new series for WP-Tonic
The Membership MachineJonathan DenwoodDec 23, 2022Ultimate LifterLMS Full Review For 2023I got to be FEATURED talking about my friends at LifterLMS
#737 WP-Tonic This Week in WordPress & SaaSJonathan DenwoodNov 10, 2022Impression and a Newbie to The WordPress Community & Plus Selling WordPress to CorporationsI got to talk about my first experience in the WordCamp environment.
WP-Tonic Special Show on eLearningJonathan DenwoodJan 14, 2023eLearning as a Marketing tool.A discussion that looks at using eLearning as a marketing tool as opposed to the end product.
Digital Connections – EP20Nancee JohnsonOct 27, 2021Challenge ConnectionNancee was a great lady to hang with and it was fun to share the Challenge Connection with others.
Kurt von Ahnen video September 17, 2010, 09:29 AMKurt von AhnenSept 17, 2010Client ReferralOld School getting it done way back in 2010
Why Not WednesdayDaniel DominguezJun 15, 2022The WOS for Kurt von Ahnen – Speaker, Trainer, CoachDaniel is a fun dude from Albuquerque. I like how he frames me as a guy that gets stuff done. Making sense, finding a better way and building trust. Dan helped me promote the book.
Episode 292 LMScastChris BadgettOct 20, 2020From Corporate Training in a Company to Independent Course CreatorHanging with Chris Badgett, talking about the Powersport Academy.
LMSCastChris BadgettJan 27, 2022WordPress Pro Creates Successful Online Learning Platforms On Cloudways HostingFocused on the release of Inner Treasure Hunt on the Cloudways platform. Awesome to share time with Chris on camera and with his audience.
EP 124 Erik Allen ShowErik AllenOct 15, 2021Kurt von Ahnen – Living With PurposeMeeting Erik and talking about successes gained through sticktoitiveness was a hoot.
Handful of HopeJesse BrisendineJul 8, 2021The Challenge ConnectionJesse is an awesome guy with a giant heart.
An Earlier Episode with the LifterLMS Team (2020)
A follow-up Episode with Chris Badgett (2021)
Now Part of the Team at LifterLMS… A tutorial (late 2022)
WP-TonicjTalks All Things LifterLMS (Dec 2022)
My First Appearance on the WP-Tonic Show (2019)
Another WP-Tonic Episode (2022)
Giver Marketing Master Class (2022)
The Erik Allen Show (2021)
Why Not Wednesday – A Weekly Show — (Mid 2022)
Digital Connections (2021)