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Putting the Naysayers to the Side…

Third grade – What do you want to do in life? I answered, “Write a book”. I was laughed at. Friends thought I was joking. “You don’t even like English – how you think you’re gonna write a book?”. That was 1975.

In 2007, I published my first book.

I had also written for Moto-magazines for years as a Motorcycle Road Racer.

While gaining the confidence to publish, I became an expert on the internet. HTML, Joomla, Drupal, Moodle, and finally WordPress – where I have found a home of sorts for my skills. Follow this link to see some of my work.


Kurt von Ahnen was Born to Katherine and Thomas von Ahnen

Norristown, PA


A Kid Like You Will Never Amount to Anything

Yep… a direct quote from the adult that threw me out of High School.


Started Racing Motorcycles in WERA/CCS

The opportunity presented itself and formed a new channel in my mind


Pollard Pontiac, Eagle, Jeep and AMC

This is where my automotive career started & I began to amass my gift.


Service Writer in Black and White – the book

Finally published. It got bought, read, and led to a new career in training.


Mañana No Mas!

The agency was born and website design, marketing, training and consulting became my gig.

What a blast… speaking for


at the Brunswick Land and Sea Show


VenN Diagram

The Venn Diagram of Kurt von Ahnen

WordPress and eLearning

A specialist in the WordPress space focused on Membership and Learning tools

Public Speaker / Trainer

From Powersports, Marine, and RV to Bicycles and even the Los Angeles County Election.

Author – Prolific Writer

Multiple Books, Magazine ByLines – Countless Pieces for Corporate


I have worked in more places around the world then my imagination thought I would ever see…
— Kurt von Ahnen



Growing up with limited means, and not a lot of “dreaming support”, I assumed I would never travel or experience new culture first hand.


Racing has its Perks

Racing motorcycles got me into the habit of leaving my region to compete. It eventually led to my moving West – to Colorado.


New Mexico

The economy began its crumble toward 2008 and I chased a job to New Mexico. It was here that I braved the entrepreneur experience, published that first book, and began an official career in training: Free Track Day, Mañana No Mas!, The MSF, uPublic, Ducati, and the South Valley Economic Development Center.



Ducati hired me away from myself, and put me on some great stages. Valencia, Spain – Bologna & Rimini, Italy – Cannes, France – Niagara Falls & Whistler, Canada as well as all across the United States.

In 2016 – I made myself available and got recruited by Suzuki, still based in California, but now with opportunities for larger audiences, more diverse product, and travel to Japan.


Back to Self…

Layoffs and cutbacks led into the Pandemic, and Mañana No Mas! was resurrected. As such, I released the Powersport Academy, helped BRP launch the Quility Service Program, and began working directly with WordPress oriented companies: LifterLMS and WP-Tonic.

Back on the keyboard, I decided to release “Action Leadership From the Edge” – my newest publication on Leadership and Communication.


More Books and Speaking

I am aggressively seeking new opportunities to speak and consult with organizations.

I am also concurrently expanding the reach of my WordPress agency to assist more entities with eLearning and Membership tools.



Here’s a thought for you. If I hosted and built this site for you… you’d spend less than $1,000.00 and have the hosting for the year!!!

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